Staff and student researchers at the University of Lincoln often carry out survey questionnaires in order to answer all sorts of questions about how we interact with animals and interpret their behaviour. We occasionally also ask for participants to do some training or take videos of their pet at home – this could be to show some training, or to observe their behaviour.

Please check this page regularly to find out if there are any active surveys. If you have a dog or a cat and you are looking for projects that would involve them coming in to the University, please check our Projects page.

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Does owner handedness influence paw preference in dogs?

This project involves a questionnaire and then two tasks to perform at home with your dog.

These two tasks need to be undertaken 10 times, assessing paw preference each time. They are quick and easy, and fun for both you and your dog! The first is the ‘Paw Task’, which involves you presenting your left and right hand to your dog and recording which paw your dog lifts. The second is the ‘Reach Task’ which involves you putting an item out of reach of your dog (such as under a chair, table, chest of drawers …etc) and recording which paw your dog uses first to try retrieve the object.

If you would like to take part in this project, please click here.

Investigating the influence of neuter status on paw preference in cats and dogs

This project involves a short questionnaire and two tasks for you to do at home with your pet. All you need is a willing pet, some tasty treats, a toy and a piece of furniture (such as a sofa!).

The purpose of the study is to investigate whether the neuter status of your cat or dog has an effect on their paw preference. For example: Which paw does your cat or dog use when they reach for a piece of food under a sofa?

If you would be interested in taking part in this study, please click here.