What activities could your dog be involved in?

Dogs are often asked to come to the University to take part in a variety of projects. These projects generally fall into one of two categories:

1. Student practical sessions – At the University of Lincoln, most practical sessions involve dogs. These sessions include:

Dog handling – Students are asked to complete a range of basic tasks with dogs, to assess their skills. The tasks usually include greeting and walking the dog, and applying and removing a lead and harness.

Development and Regulation of behaviour – Dogs are taught different behaviours using classical and operant conditioning techniques, as well as desensitisation and counterconditioning.

Human-Animal interaction – These sessions look at ways of teaching dogs attention and disengaging cues.

2. Research projects  The University of Lincoln carries out dog behaviour, cognition and welfare research projects throughout year. Most of these projects take place either at the Brayford or Riseholme campus, where you will be requested to bring your dog in to participate. Some studies will provide you with the opportunity to participate in home training, where we may ask you to follow a guided training protocol and record the sessions. Our researchers will then analyse the data to see how your dog responds to the training.