Regular Dogs

Meet our Dogs


Meet our energetic and fun-loving Spaniel, Ghillie. Ghillie loves making new friends and enjoys playing with his collection of toys. Ghillie is highly intelligent and takes part in a lot of studies here at the university.


This is our bouncy and full of character Spaniel, Sol. Sol is highly motivated to come to the university to take part in research studies, and of course, to receive all the cuddles. Sol is very friendly, and will never miss a chance to greet you with warmth and affection.


This is our lovely wirehead dachshund. Teddy loves meeting new people, dogs, long walks on the beach and most importantly, cuddles! Teddy comes to the university, always full of energy and ready to take part in the different research projects.


Meet our handsome Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Hector enjoys his time at the university, and comes in regularly to take part in many different projects. He is a very clever boy, who loves cuddles in the sun and belly rubs.  


Meet our excitable Springer Spaniel, Pikachu. Pikachu loves getting treats and playing with toys, but most of all loves cuddles. She comes in regularly to help our researches with their projects, and loves to do so.                                         


Image credits: Peter Baumber

Meet our fun-loving chocolate Labrador, uMoya. uMoya comes in regularly to take part in projects and has a lovely time interacting with the researchers and students. She loves cuddles, treats and is always happy to meet you!                                    


Meet our delightful Labrador Retriever, Sumi. Sumi enjoys her time coming to the university to take part in lots of studies – she particularly loves the doggy touchscreen. She is highly intelligent and loves chest scratches, cuddles and meeting new people.


Meet our cute and fluffy Pomsky, Fable. Fable is full of energy and enjoys coming to the university to meet new people and take part in many different projects. She also loves treats and cuddles!